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Welcome to the Most Interactive Social Networking Experience! Time is Everything and we invite you to Spend your time wisely by connecting with friends and family here on! Our site is based upon time and the more time you acquire, the longer your profile will stay active. If your time clock ever reaches ZERO then your profile is automatically deleted. Each action on our site will give you more time. For example, if you upload a video to your page you will receive 60 minutes of time. This time will be added to your timer at the top of your pages. If you add a picture you will also receive 60 minutes for that action. Every action on the site will give you a different amount of time. For a complete list of actions, please visit our FAQ page. If you have any suggestions about how we can improve our time actions, please make a suggestion using our suggestion box located on the right side of the site . You can also give time to your friends! If you have a friend running out of time, why not share some of yours by giving time to them. Time is easy to earn here at just stay active on the site and you will receive time. We give you time for just logging in to the site; sharing ideas, images, videos, dreams and so much more. You will become addicted So don't waste any more time, sign up today and make every minute count!

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