The website is idea for the Travel owned business and willing to enhance their business overseas. The website is having great features like search, deals for the day, search, price range, discounts. The website will be live on your domain in 3 days. Complete admin section documentation will be provided and in case more help required on-line tutorial will be given once. It is nice to have this website along with the following features.


  • 1. Slider
  • 2. Latest products on home page
  • 3. Deals on home page
  • 4. Featured products on home page
  • 5. Country wise packages
  • 6. Search and advanced search
  • 7. Pay pal
  • 8. Option to choose Adults and infants
  • 9. Newsletter
  • 10. Email on any new product or package launched.
  • 11. Invoice with bar code
  • 12. Responsive
  • 13. Home page with slider
  • 14. Service/ or any related
  • 15. About us / or any related
  • 16. Team / or any related
  • 17. Contact us with contact us form
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