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M2M Studios is an Talent Brand Development Company that empowers and educates those who are serious about their careers in entertainment. For aspiring Talent, M2M Studios is dedicated to providing the tools and resources necessary to find, cultivate and capitalize on opportunities to grow their careers and gain traction with a broader diverse audience. Through an individualized coaching program, the M2M Studios staff mentors aspiring Talent, shares knowledge and industry insights, as well as providing the right tools to build their fan base, promote their music, and ultimately get compensated for their passion. M2M Studios was founded on the simple premise of guiding Independent Artists who are serious about their music toward a pathway for success. The Artist Brand Development concept is unique to M2M Studios and speaks to the core of why we exist: to help develop the careers of Independent Artists in an industry where A&R reps, marketing and promotion executives have lost their jobs in droves, and yes the Internet has created enormous opportunities but how does one break through the clutter of music to be heard? Right now is the time when Artists need help navigating the muddy waters of the music business more than ever! Combining Artist Development with Brand and Marketing Development is essential to having a successful entertainment career. Measurable and objective development is achieved by harnessing a comprehensive artist development program that is inclusive of brand/marketing initiatives and Multimedia productions. Today it is essential to be a multimedia Artist (Stage, recording, Film/TV and Social Media).

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