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Why Choose His Match for Me? Simply put, there is nothing like His Match for Me anywhere else on the internet! Here's what makes His Match for Me different: More faith-based profile content than any other dating site on the web. The only site that allows instant 30 second webcam profile introductions. The first and only site that provides virtual webcam dates. (Meet online and avoid potential surprises of that first date!) A compatibility test that includes Biblically-based faith and convictions questions. Not just 1, but 2 lists (Wow! and Friends) to keep track of members! The only site that allows you to choose whether to receive matches based on your match preferences or based on compatibility. Set your background wallpaper to your style and upload an mp3 to play automatically when your profile is viewed. Create photo albums, upload your favorite audio files, even upload those video clips that will show us your awesome personality! Tired of boring looking sites? HMFM is the nicest looking site you will ever find. So enjoy the view! There are many other features, such as mail un-send (when you want to take back that hasty message before it’s read), and a Details Page, where you can store and print detailed information about that potential mate. The most important feature of His Match for Me is what REALLY matters – This is a place of committed Christians who desire a Christ-centered relationship. Yes, there are a lot of fish in the sea, but wouldn't you rather look for your life partner within a community of sincere believers? His Match for Me is the ideal community for finding the authentic Christ follower you are looking for. That’s what His Match for Me is all about! In the end, we pray that you will be able to say -- "This is the place where I found HIS match for me!"

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