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Do you believe in Dragons? How about Legends? Chris Rivers that is, the 19 year old unparalleled minded Lyrical Catastrophe that will knock you out in one verse, like he’s Tyson in the ring. He’s heavy on the mic, like the crown he bears. Oh you didn’t know? This River flows from Royalty. His Father is the late great Puerto Rican Rapper Big Pun aka Christopher Rios who hailed from the Bronx and was ranked one of the Greatest MCs of all time. But don’t get it twisted, this Puerto Rican Prince, Chris Rios Jr, who goes by the Rap name Chris Rivers, is his own Fire Breathing Dragon, giving fans something heroic to believe in once again. He’s a prodigy, astonishing to say the least, and his rivers run deep as he shatters all hypocrisy on whether his name or his talent is what makes him one of the most watched new artists to come up in the last decade.

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